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by Jill Kruse on Create Remodel
Great Great Work!

While this is my first review of Create Distinctive Home Remodeling, it isn't my first time using them…nor will it be my last. I first used Create Distinctive Home Remodeling after our basement flooded in 2007 and since then, Linda and Create Distinctive Home Remodeling have been my "go to" people when I have projects beyond my capabilities and/or time. And this last project was definitely beyond my capabilities.

As is always the Create Distinctive Home Remodeling(no pun intended), Linda returns my calls and answers my emails in a timely manner. And this time was no different. Linda and Karl came out to my home shortly after I contacted Linda to assess the situation. As this year has been a doozy with a felled tree and the resulting damage and the need for a new roof, pennies are tight. To defray costs, I wanted to do as much as I could.While it's the norm to pay contractors while they go shopping for the needed supplies to do the job (you are paying for their time, after all), I wanted to avoid this expense. Linda provided me with a shopping list and hubby and I got the supplies. In addition, I was able to prime and stain the cedar and paint the wood that was going to be used before work commenced.

Unfortunately, what I had hoped to be a minor job turned out to be much more extensive. Understandably, we couldn't know the true extent of the job until the siding was removed. As it turned out, the plywood beneath the siding was also rotting. More supplies would be needed. This time Linda phoned in the order to a local hardware store and the supplies were delivered at no additional cost.

Weather is always a factor when doing work outside and Linda was conscious of the time involved to "wrap" the chimney when there were exposed areas. So when it appeared a full day's work wasn't feasible due to the possibility of rain, work was delayed. This, also, helped in keeping costs down.

Nick and Albert did the work on the chimney and great care was taken. We have a deck, and the damage extended below such that deck boards needed to be removed. When I saw what they had to do to repair the damage, I knew hubby and I, with our bad backs, would never have been able to do this job. Nick had to be a contortionist and I appreciated him keeping me informed of what was required and what was done every step of the way. I can only say that was a nasty part of the job and I am totally confident Nick did a fabulous job.

When work is being done in and around my house, a concern of mine is that workers will be careless and their equipment will bang into walls and furniture as they move around. Not so with Create Distinctive Home Remodeling. In fact, in our garage was a piece of furniture I had ordered online that had several areas of poor workmanship and I was in negotiations with the manufacturer for a discount, which might be declined and the furniture returned. Nick and Albert had to carry their tools and supplies right past that piece of furniture and they did so without ever touching it. They were so very careful.

Karl did an excellent job repairing the rotting porch posts. In addition, while I said I would paint the caulk used in the chimney project, physical limitations (and my fear of heights) are such that neither hubby nor I considered ourselves capable of painting the caulk higher up on the chimney. Karl took care of this for us.

While this was a sizeable job, I appreciate that Create Distinctive Home Remodeling will tackle jobs of any size. Our last project was just a bunch of little things like swapping out a ceiling fan and installing a new doorknob/lock. With so much uncertainty these days, there's comfort in knowing that when I'm in over my head, Linda is just a phone call away.

by Lynn Miller on Create Remodel
Great Work!

Very well. The estimate was accurate. Services were completed on time and workers were very easy to have in the house. All work was performed in a professional manner, good advise was given on a project that was more complicated than expected, no messes were left behind.

by Alba Hesselroth on Create Remodel
Love them!

Excellent work. Linda eberhardt (representative of Create Distinctive Home Remodeling) was very helpful since the beginning, providing excellent service, good advice regarding materials and how to proceed regarding every detail. She answered all my questions and promptly returned my phone calls. I hired Create Distinctive Home Remodeling (under the management of Linda Eberhardt) on February 2011. She did such a good job with the partial remodeling of the powder room and the full hallway bathroom that I hired her services again for the complete remodeling of my master bathroom. During the last two years I have been calling her for every repair/remodeling in my house. She took the extra mile for helping in emergency situations. For instance, in the middle of winter the water heater went out of order. I called her saturday evening and early on sunday she came to inspect the heater. On monday afternoon I had a new heater installed. She has also helped me recommending people for services that her company did not provide. All the members of her team have always been punctual, polite, clean, and helpful.

by Thomas Kodosky on Create Remodel
Would Recommend them!

They did an excellent job! The workmanship is excellent and I don't think you could find someone to do a better job! They are very conscientious and took great care of what they are working on. Their pricing was a little on the high side but their work was top notch!

by Geoff Benes on Create Remodel
Great Job!

- You could not do any better than Create Distinctive Home Remodelingand Linda Eberhardt.

She handled our kitchen remodel recently, and we were very pleased with the work Create Distinctive Home Remodeling did. We hit some bumps along the way with the cabinet supplier who we had chosen ourselves. But Linda and her folks were very flexible and accommodating with the situation.

I highly recommending Linda and her team to anyone.