5 Tips for Turning a House into a Home

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5 Tips for Turning a House into a Home

#1 Keep it personal.

Let’s get real for a minute: we all want to live in an HGTV home. No shame. But let’s also be honest: what are you going to do with an old, rusted kitchen scale? Don’t get me wrong; if you would use it by all means decorate with it. But if you’ve never set foot into the kitchen nor plan to bake French macarons, skip the scale.

Keeping it personal in your home seems like a no brainer, but the second you walk into a home décor store you are bombarded with every kind of trinket and doodad you can imagine, or not imagine. They are so well positioned and presented to you that you think you absolutely MUST have it. It’s no secret; we are conditioned to think stuff will make us happy; more stuff equals more happiness, right? Wrong. So wrong!

Let’s take a test for a minute: think back on your life and the moments you were happiest. What are you picturing? Is it that Easy Bake Oven you got as a kid, or is it a sleepover with all your best friends? Are you picturing your pricey cell phone case, or your child discovering a snail? Our relationships and experiences make us happy.

So hang a picture up of your sassy dog, not a canvas of some artist’s dog. Own those mismatched dining chairs; eclectic is in now, anyway! Saturate your house in memories, adorn it with your own personality, choose function or fashion, and then your house will start becoming a home.

Mismatched Chairs

#2 Don’t be afraid to get creative.

New is always enticing. But if you’re on a tight budget, that’s not always an option. So instead of buying a new hand carved loveseat, give that tired piece your grandmother left you a try. New or different pillows are a quick and easy way to update a couch. New fabric and a fresh stain will liven any piece of furniture. If you’re not the DIY type, paying someone else to do the work will cost about the same, if not less, than buying a new piece. Except now you will look at your rejuvenated heirloom and remember priceless moments shared with loved ones.

Chair RevampChair Revamp 2

Not only is new unnecessary, some of your existing pieces may be the perfect fit, but in the wrong space! Shake things up; try moving a few items into a different room. Remember those sketches you bought years ago to hang in your son’s nursery? Move them into the dining room; every time you look at them, you will remember all those sweet cuddles.

Rearrange Artwork

#3 Let there be light!

Consider utilizing lamps instead of overhead lights. Overhead lights are great for when you’re baking a masterpiece, but contemplate using lamps for relaxing in the living room. Lamps have a delightful way of making the room they reside in cozy and put less stress on your eyes. They are easy to move around, easy to adjust, and are way easier to coordinate with the rest of the room.

Sometimes making a house feel like a home is as modest as installing window treatments. Curtains are an unpretentious and efficient way of adding color, drama, or even simplicity to a space and can completely transform the way it looks. Window treatments are also an impeccable solution for controlling the amount of sunlight allowed in the room.

If you hate all of these ideas, try changing out boring or ugly overhead lighting for something with style. You can make your own or go with something already made. Either way, the change of design will make a world of difference.

Lighting Change

#4 Let’s talk paint.

I’m sure you were waiting for me to pull out the paint card. I’m not surprised, either. Paint is without a doubt the biggest change that I’ve mentioned thus far. However, while the previous tips were easy, almost effortless, painting is not alike. Painting takes time, a lot of taping, reaching up high, and patience (and probably another coat). But don’t let this scare you!

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: the color of your walls will impact your mood. Are you an early riser? Go with light, airy colors. Are you a night owl? Reach for the stars, and choose darker, full-bodied hues. Grab a few samples, slap them on a wall or two, and live with them for a week before deciding which direction to go. Bare in mind that the time of day will change the look of the colors you pick. This is why I suggest living with the samples for at least 24 hours. Oh and when you do decide on your color, grab a sample size again for future touch-ups.

If you’re not a DIY painter don’t stress out, let the professionals help. We would love to hear from you, discuss your needs, and determine a budget that you are comfortable with. Give us a call or fill out the contact form on the side of this page.

Home paint

#5 Don’t stress it.

The pyramids weren’t built in a day, your home won’t be either. And that’s okay! Making your house a home should be done with care and meaning. It doesn’t need to be complete the second you move in. Think of your home as a carefully curated library, filled with all your favorites. Your home should be your sanctuary, a place of comfort, a happy place. Don’t stress yourself out trying to make it look like a Fixer Upper episode.

Let home making be fun and you will cherish the experience and every article that comes along the way. If you want your home to look like a Fixer Upper episode, then do that! This is your home after all. We, at Create, wish you luck and happiness in turning your house into a home.

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